With the significant volume of data available to organizations today, it is critical to cut through the clutter and simplify what information provides valuable insight to make effective decisions and how you should communicate this information for maximum value. Understanding your audience, including how they learn and absorb, the purpose of your communication and the message or theme you want to portray are keys to effectiveness.

Let’s face it- typical financial presentations are ripe to disengage and perhaps bore your audience. We can help you to improve the value and impact of your presentations by helping you to understand your audience, talk in pictures, mastering the content of your presentation and doing your homework.  

And training your finance team in the art of financial communication is important as well, particularly during change management as you train and develop your business partners to understand the numbers.   

Through our interactive training workshops we can help your organization to:

  • Improve individual and team communication skills
  • Prepare impactful and influential financial presentations to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Hone in on the key financial metrics and link to critical operational metrics- what your business needs to know
  • Establishing an effective financial/operational reporting set and system
  • Financial communications rhythm
  • Communication tools for financial training and development