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Cracking the CFOcode

Richard's financial executive experience as business partner to sales teams as well as a corporate “buyer” enabled him to understand both sides of the table. He distills many years of experience and learnings in this road map to a successful selling relationship with the CFO. This book is for anyone in a selling function whose product or service offering will cross the CFO's desk for buy-in or ultimate approval.  

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cracking the cfo code


The Adventures of ExoKid and the Teachings of Money

"The Adventures of ExoKid and the Teachings of Money" is the first in the Little CFO series of early learning books designed to teach children the practical and spiritual aspects of managing money and to build these critical lifelong skills. The book introduced the key concepts of money in a fun and easy to understand format together with discussion points. Key influences such as parents and teachers are encouraged to read this book to their children and talk openly about money management - a home and school curriculum dialogue which must now become a priority. Financial Acumen, Inc. is dedicated to promoting global financial literacy training and education. 

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