Your Partner & Coach for Profitable Growth

We offer results driven Business Advisory, Executive Coaching & Leadership Development services to improve financial acumen for board members, key executives, and business owners in public, private, private equity companies, as well as not-for -profit organizations.

We are experts in coaching executives and entrepreneurs through various business life stages and executing profitable growth plans and desired exit strategy. 

We will “meet you where you are” in your individual and team financial acumen learning curve to help you understand the financial growth opportunities and risk radar in your business trajectory.

Whether you are starting up, growing rapidly, in a turnaround situation, or planning an exit, we can help to set and execute your strategy. We have been in the trenches as experienced and proven CFO business partners who will guide sustainable growth in your business and multiply exit value. We understand what it takes to help you set strategy, transform your culture, accelerate growth and maximize sustainable business value.

We have taken decades of learnings and developed proven, practical and targeted advisory and coaching frameworks ("Prepare4Growth") to enhance your business and  financial acumen, together with an individualized and practical path to improve your leadership value to the business.

Results Oriented Financial Coaching 

Understanding the financial language of business is critical. Numbers drive every business and are implicit in every business decision.

Everyone in a company will do better when they understand how financial success is measured and how they have an impact on financial performance.

But numbers intimidate many people.

Many business leaders and executives either fail to understand the financial impact of their contributions, or worse, how their misinformed decisions weaken financial performance. In extreme cases, financial illiteracy has resulted in serious criminal or civil negligence actions against executives.

We will coach board members, executives, and business leaders to develop smart insights and decision-making skills. They will learn how their business makes money, how it can grow profitably and how their business can optimize financial performance.

We will partner with you to develop a plan of execution to deliver your financial goals.

We will help you understand all facets of the financial performance of your business, including: Interpreting financial statements and key driver metrics, using numbers to make decisions, assessing the strategy through the numbers, and leveraging your finance partners.

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